Crew Management

Crew Manning Management with “12 Star Ship Management CO.” means reducing our principal’s vessel operating load by managing all crewing needs with a single invoice at the end of the month. Due to our fixed guaranteed crew lump sum idea , we take the unnecessary guesswork out of managing budget variables in crew costs. Further, as this lump sum figure is fixed for one calendar year, the monthly and yearly cash outflows for the owners are also fixed and more easily planned.
At the same time, we understand that crew management is about quality of crew and not only about cost. We realize the power of teamwork – professionally focusing the skills and passions of a single team to the task in hand.
12 Star Ship Management Company although not being very old , only Ten Years in this field has emerged as one of the leading Crewing Company rendering services to all types of Vessels. We believe this was possible by choosing the right manning split onshore staff as well as floating staff , which is crucial to the safe and efficient operation of our managed ships. We always invest considerable time and effort in employing our crew, keeping in mind the specific trades, international regulations and the charterers requirements.
Effectively trained human capital is the only matching answer for quality Crewing. In fact , it is not enough to create such human capital, it has to be preserved and pooled into effective teams to obtain desired results. Constant training is the only way of preserving human capital.